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First, you obviously need to get us your tapes.  We recommend making an appointment and dropping them off if possible, but if you'd rather mail them in, feel free to do so, just make sure you include this order form.   Once we have your tapes, we're off and running.  We will used the information on the tapes to label the video files the best we can.  If there are no labels, we will label them Tape A, Tape B, etc.  File names can be changed on a computer.  You are welcomed to provide your own drive (consult with us on the size), or simply purchase one from us.  We will include the smallest, most affordable drive appropriate for the size of your project.


Turnaround time depends largely on the size of the project.  Most of our projects are completed within 3-5 business days, but please allow for up to 2 weeks for larger projects.


By transferring your video tapes to digital your are protecting the content against further natural degradation and physical damage, NOT improving the quality of what is on the tapes.  Most older tape formats recorded 4:3 standard definition video, and that is what your files will be.  Transferring footage does not repair footage already damaged or compromised.  If there are damaged sections of footage on the tapes, they will not be transferred (if the tape can be transferred at all). Your delivered thumb drive will formatted as EXFAT and contain MP4 video files playable by most smart TVs.

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